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National Factoring Group the way businesses find their factoring company

National Factoring Group is the premier way for small and medium sized businesses to find their factoring Company.  They are the most comprehensive platform for businesses providing a product or service to other business to review and connect with the best factoring company based on their business model.  Factoring allows these businesses to increase their cash flow without incurring additional debt or losing any equity through investors.  National Factoring Group is open to all factoring companies that agree to fully disclose their product in this manner and meet the highest of standards.  Businesses can Find a Factor with National Factoring Group with the confidence of knowing they are getting all the information in a clear concise manner through a secure site at no cost to them.

National Factoring Group’s Products:

Find a Factor considers many aspects of these businesses, from collateral position, to paperwork requirements, and the location of the business.   The business simply sets the parameters that best describe their business and Find a Factor sorts through the factoring companies that best serve the business, giving them the most comprehensive options to review and select.
Most importantly, National Factoring Group takes information that is imperative and often overlooked to the factoring relationship and puts it front and center.   Through years of experience, the founders have seen that selecting the wrong factoring company can hurt the business and scar the reputation of the factoring industry.  National Factoring Group breaks down credit ranges, collateral position, acceptable terms, customer service ratings, factoring company’s understanding of different industries, any fees that may not be disclosed up front, invoice documentation, as well as a description provided by each factoring company represented.  By having this information businesses can make an informed and educated decision and avoid the pain of picking the incorrect factoring company for them.  

National Factoring Group’s Mission:

National Factoring Group started out with a mission to help “Build Back the Economy One Business at a Time”.  This means providing the best information and connecting businesses and factoring companies in a transparent forum, ensuring the businesses the ability to grow and flourish.  

About the Founders:

National Factoring Group was founded in 2011.   With a combined 20 plus years in the factoring industry, the founding members took their knowledge of factoring and combined that with a mission to provide an upfront and transparent way to connect businesses with factoring companies.  

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