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A Journey to Planet Sanity

News about an absolutely hysterical, enlightening, and touching documentary called “A Journey to Planet Sanity.” As you may be aware, there is a massive interest in paranormal and extraterrestrial movies among the American public. However, while interest in the supernatural and aliens is a fun hobby for most us, there exists a segment of America whose interest in these subjects has become an unhealthy obsession.  

“A Journey to Planet Sanity” is about one of those individuals. The protagonist is Leroy, a kind hearted, grandfatherly gentleman struggling to get by on his  minimum wage earnings. We first meet him when he is teetering on homelessness because of his compulsion to pay alien psychics and other “experts” for information that can protect him from the “unexplained.” Fortuitously  for Leroy, while making a home pizza delivery, he encounters Wunderkind’s director, Blake Freeman.They become friends and with a sincere desire to help, Blake and Leroy embark on a 3 year quest to debunk the pseudo-science flimflammers who prey on vulnerable people.  “A journey to Planet Sanity” chronicles their cross country journey and ultimately helps Leroy overcome his obsession saving him from financial ruin.  “A Journey to Planet Sanity” is the true story of Leroy and Blake’s epic and hilarious odyssey through America interviewing “so-called” psychics, ghost hunters and a variety of UFO experts. This story truly has to be seen to be believed.

Wunderkind would be honored to have your publication consider our film for a story. Attached to this email is our electronic press kit that includes important detailed information about our project.  Please call us at the number provided below and we can provide you with a standard Q&A with the director, as well as provide you with a website where you can download more in-depth assets of the film. This film sparks debate, as its content is widely discussed everywhere and everyone can relate to the humanity of Leroy’s journey.  “A Journey to Planet Sanity” will be released on December 6th 2013, and will be available everywhere in theaters and on Video On Demand.

A Journey to Planet Sanity is a reality based (Documentary) comedy debunking aliens, psychics & all things paranormal. The film follows Blake Freeman (noobz, Mucho Dinero) who takes a 69 year old man named LeRoy, on a hilarious cross-country journey in search of the truth. LeRoy has spent his life savings on trying to protect himself from aliens and paranormal ghosts by buying gimmicks and entrusting psychics. Upon discovering LeRoy’s plight, Blake Freeman with LeRoy in tow, decides to put these beliefs and “so called” experts to the test.




The producers Danielle Crane, Tim O’Mara and myself wanted to do a film in this genre, debunking myths etc. One night while in a preproduction meeting on a show we were doing, we ordered takeout and Leroy was our deliveryman. The bill came to $88.88 cents and he was mentioning something about how that was good luck in numerology. As I continued to speak to him he asked me if I saw the UFO’s in the sky over LA that allegedly happened the week prior. He informed me that several people had seen these UFO’s and he wished he had witnessed them as well. Digging deeper, I found out that Leroy has serious beliefs in a lot of things that I felt could potentially be hindering his life in many ways. We knew the minute I closed the door, there was a story there. I asked for his number and actually called him later on that evening and asked him if he wanted to be in a film. His response was “if I can get paid and I don’t have to do anything illegal, I’m in”. The rest is history!


Since I had an urge to debunk some of these beliefs on film, Leroy was the catalyst to put this in motion. Leroy basically represents a lot of Americans who I feel are just like him and being taken advantage of in many of these scams. As far as Aliens go, it would be very ignorant for me to think we are the only beings in this universe. The real question I have is are they really visiting earth and do we really have proof of that. Psychics on the other hand are a different story. Some figures estimate that more than 300,000 Americans spend more than $10,000 a year on psychics. That’s insane! The JREF Foundation has tried for years to find anyone with psychic abilities in order to receive a large grant. Every single “so-called” psychic fails the test. For these poor people out there, these psychics start off by using vague readings and start to pinpoint things that may be applicable to them by reading facial expressions. For the follow up sessions these psychics google you, see your Facebook, Twitter, pictures and other social media. They know you better than you know yourself by the time you enter your second reading. It’s a scam and it should be illegal. Psychics are only one part of the film. The real story of the film is Leroy and how all of these things affected him. It is a great heartfelt story and really hilarious at times. I feel blessed we were able to have this opportunity.


This film took a couple of years just to complete. We faced two major challenges. First, we didn’t know what this story exactly was or how it was going to end. A traditional documentary normally allows the filmmaker to shoot everything first and make a story later. We were filming more reminiscent of “Reality Based” film, it was a follow along and we didn’t know what each day would possibly entail. Unlike traditional scripted films and documentaries, we had no story arc, it was all on the fly. It all just kind of played out. The second challenge was in trying to debunk individuals that claimed to have powers of some sort, have been abducted, or actually are Aliens etc. When we would travel to places outside of LA, no one knew the camera crew was coming, so we found people who really had these beliefs. When back in LA we would put out ads, searching for individuals and we received hundreds of responses in a short period of time. Because it was in LA, most of these people we’re fakes, actors and actresses who were trying to just get camera time. We have over 200 hours of footage and we would have to watch and re-watch scenes over and over just to try and determine who really believed they were “special or chosen” as they would call it. Most of the people in the final cut of the film are ones that we could trace back several years of their beliefs. You never want to “cheapen” your movie, but we aren’t talking about concrete evidence here, were talking about Alien hybrids and such. We just got lucky that the movie turned out extremely entertaining in the end.


I want everyone to be able to watch the film, both believers and nonbelievers. I feel that watching LeRoy’s situation unfold is an eye opening experience on just how these “harmless” beliefs can affect people long term. It’s an emotional and financial hit on people, and their vulnerability is another man/woman’s gain. I want this film to spark discussion or debate and look at actual facts about these beliefs. The problem is the internet is full of ridiculous and unfounded statistics and stories. They do nothing but strike fear and spread ignorance faster than we could ever imagine. We found a site that people were sharing across social media sites called “Truth something” (not sure exactly the name). The sad and only “Truth” about the site was that none of the statistics in the first ten stories were legitimate. They had stories that could not be traced to any real event and used quotes from politicians or corporate CEO’s that could not be found anywhere but on their site. All of this takes its toll on people and I want the awareness out there.



When I first met Blake and he told me about an idea debunk a number of things in a movie I felt he was on to something. I knew from the moment we first discussed and developed a Journey to Planet Sanity, that I believed in Blake and I wanted to be a part of it. I told him I could easily raise first round of money so we could get started. At this point, we still had not met Leroy and we had no idea what the story would be or where we were even gong to start. I just knew it was going to be something big that would change the lives of everyone involved and I was excited to see where the journey would take us. When I met Leroy for the first time and heard his story, I could not help but think that he represents so many Americans. Here is a man who was 68 years old that is still delivering food at night after serving his country. How is it this possible? Should he not be retired somewhere relaxing and drinking a fruity drink with an umbrella in it? We knew that we had to do something to help this man and possibly help someone else that might be going through similar hardships. The movie ended up being a once in a lifetime project and ended up being something I was extremely proud and thankful to be a part of.


First off, it was an amazing experience and the film went against the standard industry rules of filmmaking, haha. We shot with 2 cameras all the time. We just kept shooting and ended up with over 200 hours of footage. When Blake and I started shooting we didn’t know where this story would take us, we just knew that we didn’t want it to look like your typical doc with standard interviews in front of a black backdrop. He asked me how could we make a different and more compelling documentary and we decided that a follow along with non-traditional story line and more expensive camera’s were the way to go. Nothing was typical in a documentary sense and it turned out beautiful, even though we didn’t have time nor a budget to perfectly light scenes.



Blake Freeman is an actor, director, writer and producer of film. In just eight years in the entertainment business Blake has successfully created and produced television programs, written, directed and starred in feature films and created media related businesses that will set precedence in the industry. He wrote, directed and stars in the 2013 feature “noobz”, as well as the 2014 feature release “Mucho Dinero” starring along side Eddie Griffin and Danny Trejo. Freeman’s next film releasing in December 2013, is the highly anticipated social experiment documentary “A Journey to Planet Sanity”. Freeman is managed by Richard Konigsberg and represented by David Sherman of WME Entertainment.


LeRoy has lived in the Los Angeles area for the past 45 years. Over the course of his life Leroy has held many different jobs ranging from being a window cleaner in Miami, FL to serving in the United States Navy. He has always been known as a hard worker and was the first one in his family to own his own home. Always holding an interest in aliens and the unknown LeRoy allowed himself to become financially complacent spending most of his income with the hope that psychics could help guide him through his worries and fear of aliens.

Directed and Produced by
Blake Freeman

Executive Producers

Michael Fancher

William D. Johnson

Co-Executive Producers

David Pregerson

Jason ZumBerge

Produced by

Danielle Crane

Alwyn Hight Kushner

Timothy C. O'Mara

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