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Wilkie agrees to need for Abbott to get the budget in order

Hobart 17 December 2013. Andrew Wilkie has issued a statement outlining his concerns about Tasmania as Hockey adjusts spending following the devastation of the Australian economy by the government he created when he backed Labor.

"The scale of the savings flagged by the Treasurer today are likely to have a disproportionate effect on Tasmania. The State’s economic and financial circumstances, for example high unemployment, relatively low average incomes and heavy reliance on Federal Government investment, combine to mean the cuts to federal spending will have a much greater impact here than on the mainland.

The cuts will hurt Tasmanians, for instance the abolition of the Low Income Super Contribution will have a much greater impact in Tasmania than in the other states and jeopardise the ability of many people to help fund their retirement.

Many Tasmanian community groups would have good reason to feel betrayed right now because today’s budget announcement effectively confirms that many grants promised well before the last federal election will now not be honoured.

Moreover there continues to be ambiguity over whether or not the previously announced investment in road works in Tasmania will actually be delivered."