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Couple using Social Media to create jobs and build a major Brand!

How one couple used Facebook to build the fastest growing California apparel company. 

Costa Mesa, CA www.calimited.com 

CA Limited makes stylish clothing for the masses but focuses on using their company to benefit their community

For husband and wife team Brandon and Elaina Sowers it started as a simple Facebook page where they could show their love for their home state of California. They would post pictures, videos and anything else they found that showed their pride in the Golden State. Coming from backgrounds in social media development, they were quickly able to garner over 350,000 likes on their Facebook page and the comments and engagement increased very fast.

“At that point it had grown out of our control and we needed help,” says Elaina. “People were commenting all the time and we didn’t have time to respond.”

The Sowers enlisted the help of a college student named Joe Strandell who had left his university to pursue full-time work in the social media and content management fields.

“Joe was a great fit for us,” remembers Brandon. “He knew how to use all of the major platforms and we were able to train him on how to interact with our community and how to write in the ‘voice’ that we created for CA Limited. Within a few months he had become a critical part of our team.”

“We had gone from zero to over 300,000 likes in just a few months so we knew that we had something here,” Elaina says. “We wanted other people to be able to share their love of California and printing apparel was an obvious next step.”

CA Limited had been born and the Sowers were soon shipping men’s and women’s t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts, as well as jewelry, out of their one-bedroom apartment.

As they continued to promote their designs to their Facebook followers they needed to expand again and the first thing they did was move to a larger home.

“It was a real risk,” Brandon says. “We didn’t know how much support we would get from our community but we needed more room and had faith that they would support us. We moved into a four-bedroom place and invited Joe to come live there as a roommate and full-time employee.”

With added space, the Sowers immediately started looking for an artist to create more of the hand-drawn designs that their customers wanted. They met Norman Duenas, a respected graphic designer in the artistic community in Orange County, and brought him into the company as well.

CA Limited has continued to expand and the company now has 10 employees and continues to operate out of the Sowers’ home in Costa Mesa. Recently, the company purchased their own screen printer to produce all of their designs in-house.

California Limited

Contact: Brandon Sowers Owner 949-929-6832 

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Couple using Social Media to create jobs and build a major Brand!