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How Your Business Can Benefit from Social Media Monitoring

The problem with social media is that it can be like a toddler. When left unmonitored it can cause problems you never even considered in your wildest dreams. Social media accounts are valuable tools with which businesses can engage their customers and potential customers, but like any other tool it has to be used properly. When businesses utilize social media monitoring, damage control can go into effect immediately if there is a problem, but if there is no monitoring, the outcome can be disastrous.

Some companies have had to learn the hard way that social media is as powerful in a negative way as it is in a positive way, if they are not careful. CEOs and marketing managers who have observed this painful display of social media failures learned to quickly turn to call center companies that offer social media monitoring services as part of their customer service package. Their experience with the professional level of service they experience with these call center companies led them to trust their social media monitoring to them. The benefits of such actions include avoiding the mistakes below.

American Airlines faced a backlash on a global level when their policy of responding with the same response to every Tweet resulted in thanking customers for their support ... while customers described the airline services on levels that are most kindly put as disparaging.

Tesco set up a pre-scheduled Tweet and, when the marketing staff had to deal with the fact that horse meat was found in some frozen foods they sold, they forgot that their nightly Tweet was scheduled to say “It's sleepy time so we're off to hit the hay!” The lack of social media monitoring for this particular screw-up was an instant reminder that the Internet never sleeps ... ever, and neither should your social media monitoring.

Social media is powerful, because there is no end to its reach and no sense of a day's end. When one part of the world goes to bed, another part is just waking up. By having your accounts monitored, you can prevent a situation from happening at all or, at the very least, prevent it from escalating into something from which your company can't recover. You can also observe and respond to the needs of your customers as issues and needs are presented, when your social media makes an attempt to engage customers.
How Your Business Can Benefit from Social Media Monitoring