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Is business marketing by corporate news press release distribution obsolete?

September 26, 2013. Two vital tasks of every business manager are advertising and marketing. No business will succeed unless there is continuous and more importantly innovative, outreach to consumers and stakeholders.

CocaCola is an example. This huge global mega corporation never stops hunting for bus stops and shop windows to decorate with a "Coke" sign. They never know which sign will create the most sales but they all contribute to CocaCola's unique position as a household name and the producer of most of the world's manufactured beverages.

Throughout the World, small and medium business must follow Coke's lead. They need to tell their story, to advertise or to market themselves to consumers.

That is why news media releases or press releases are distributed to editors, journalists, shareholders, news distributors and public relations businesses. Press releases are created with the express purpose of communicating business news.

There are many press release distribution services and they all offer to send business messages to decision makers in the media. Their customers are looking for publicity and often pay big money for very little result.

Not long ago, before the Internet, businesses paid for advertising in local papers. Those with more money paid for TV time. That was how they found customers. Press releases were the written stories that editors and journalists used to create the paper that carried the advertising. In 2013, the advertising industry is very different. Press releases are obsolete. Business people do not need them anymore because there are only three businesses that dominate World communications.

Newspapers are still there and important but they are suffering from media global warming due to social media climate change.

Google, Facebook and Twitter are the new press release distribution businesses. There is no point sending out press releases to 1000's of writers and editors anymore.

The press release distribution services won't like giving up their right to charge up to $700.00 to write and send a business news item but the truth or reality, is that they no longer have a viable business model.

To try to sustain the life of their business some press release services have lowered their fees but they still boast of having 18,000 people on their email list with niche targeted databases and or access to top writers. They are irrelevant.

Don't bother with paying to get access to editors and writers anymore with press releases. Google is the one stop business news shop. Anyone in business simply needs to put their message on Google, Google News and Google News Alerts. They can then post links to their business news on Google themselves as DIY publicity using Facebook and Twitter. Job done !

Nearly everyone in the World with the Internet ( except countries like China, North Korea and maybe Iran each with a totalitarian government ) visits Google every day. If they want anything, they will find it on Google.

A minuscule number of people will go to their letterbox to find the free News Limited handout paper and lookup say "car servicing". Instead, nearly everyone will find their car mechanic on Google. Once they find the person they want ( note the use of the word "person".. Business news is about "people" more than a business name like "Acme Mechanics"

Having used Google, some potential customers will turn to Social Media and use Twitter or Facebook contacts for recommendations or testimonials about the mechanic they found on Google.

It is the same with home loans, real estate agents, travel or electronics. People go to Google.

That is why the press release business model is dead. Many journalists source their stories from Google News. Rupert Murdoch often complains that journalists around the world rewrite news that is created by his organisation and put them online using re writers.

News by press release is useless once Google has the facts. Size does not matter in the press release distribution business because you only need to reach one place: Google.

Google offers an amazing service. If a journalist files a story anywhere in the World, on a news outlet accredited to Google News, that story will be available online anywhere in five minutes.

Why bother sending a press release to 1000's of writers once Google has the story? Google will only show one source of a news story. Usually the first to publish it.

Business people, "give up your addiction to sending a news item to multiple press release distribution services, simply quit". All you need to do is tell one high value news source accredited to Google News and get your news online in five minutes. Once it is there get onto Social Media and spread the link to millions more.

Google, Facebook and Twitter are the 2013 news outlets for business. Everyone, journalists customers, friends, employees and competitors will find you there.

Postscript - Following feedback on this article, I agree that media advisories are still relevant to inform reporters of upcoming media opportunities or events.

About the author

Greg Rogers is the editor of www.International.to The International News Magazine an online business news service owned by Faxts Media at Faxts.com. He is also the editor of www.Businesses.com.au and a media consultant at www.TheMediaCompany.com.au providing news services to SME's in Australia and the USA.

Ironically, he is also ( for the time being ) the editor of a press release distribution business. NewsMediaReleases.com.

He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it