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New affiliate business claims affiliate marketing can provide longer term goodwill gain than daily deals

26 December 2013. Group buying or deal marketing will affect how brands are perceived. Cheap can mean cheap and nasty.

It is vital when considering ways to enhancing a brand, that marketing professionals for travel business, entertainment enterprises and in fact all entrepreneurs, choose how to advertise.

Daily deals can produce quick bursts of one off cash but in most cases, that cash is bought at a loss. The cost of the product or service is often more than the selling price: it is certainly not sustainable marketing.

Marketers need to advertise their products in ways that produce cash in the bank without losses. A percentage of profit is a good way to measure how much to spend on creating sales. If a percentage of turnover is the reference point losses, will increase because turnover does not equal profit.

Affiliate marketing provides longer term sales opportunities because brands are not trashed. Authorized car dealers are affiliates. They are paid a percentage of the sales they make from arranging sales of Mercedes, GM and Ford products. Of course, they make extra money from parts and servicing but the relationship between car makers and auto dealers is the core enterprise.

BMW and Bentley would be very annoyed if a car dealer advertised prestige cars on a daily deal site. That is why car dealers do not often use group buying sites to sell their products.

Whether someone is tasked with selling BMW cars or household appliances, long term business is better than fast bucks. That fact leads to an explanation about why affiliate relationships and authorized retail dealers are value adding long term marketing options.

Affiliate marketing enables merchants to create replicas of their own business in ways that they could not do themselves. It would be impossible for the factory to open a shop in every town in the World for Ford parts or LG washing machines. Instead, they make arrangements with locals.

The internet is the same, people with things to sell make arrangements with other websites in cities and towns to sell for them or in partnership with them, in ways that use their trademarks, branding and sales manuals.

Merchants looking for ways to sell should build relationships. Google Adwords or Adsense is about selling but it is also about putting ads in front of as many people as possible.

Google gave affiliate marketing a try but surrendered that market when the minutia of building relationships became time consuming and expensive. Google also had trouble with how to treat search engine questions from consumers for shopping when it did not want to promote affiliates in preference to the original or factory merchant.

Competition from Amazon, Rakuten Linkshare, TradeDoubler, Commission Junction and others was formidable. They are all trying to get in between vendors or merchants and affiliates or associates ( Amazon term ) and to make money by taking control of the sales cash and keeping a percentage. This is not unlike how daily deals work.

Eventually, Google returned to its CPA model on Adsense and Adwords in part because there is less conflict of interest between search result decisions and the consequences of preferring partners  in contrast to an objective algorithm led search result search on its search engine. Google has left affiliate marketing to others while it works to perfect advertising options for merchants... which is where it makes a lot of money for itself and share value of investors.

Faxts Media at www.Faxts.com and its own company owned global news and "how to "portals has decided to approach merchants directly encourage them to sell on Faxts.com websites. Faxts Media will sell their products and services online and to its subscriber database.

As a publisher, they are inviting businesses that use or would traditionally use affiliate intermediaries to approach Faxts directly. Faxts Media will run and ads and take a percentage or revenue just like authorize dealers but in a less formal way.

Faxts.com websites, and those of its partner news portal sites will work directly with merchants. Marketers for surfwear, furniture, realestate, dental treatment, cars, and more likely service businesses, approach Faxts Media to sell their products. Faxts.com will handle everything from editorials, banner design and creation, sales , tracking, delivery and customer service in a hybrid of group buying, authorised dealership and affiliate marketing where the merchant keeps more of the sale income as the "middlemen" are out of the picture.

Read more about Faxts Media's "Clever Affiliate Marketing" here.

Faxts Clever Affiliate Marketing claims to look after a merchant's brand, image, reputation without silly unsustainable, heavy discounting. Faxts Media looks to build relationships with merchants directly and will market their products for them around the World.

Essentially, Faxts Media is a direct to the high value high traffic publisher for anyone looking for an affiliate marketing strategy.

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