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Islamofascism in Kashmir and Human Rights Distortion

I have been often baffled with the words “Ethics”, “Human Rights”, “Rights of Minorities” and such similar foggy expressions; as also the word “Religion”. I have also seen these words being used selectively by the groups with some underlying vested interests to express and hypothesise their own brand of “Human Rights” maliciously. I saw a similar reason in a report recently and I could not resist my temptation to analyse it.

I just saw a Weekly Digest by the Asian Human Rights Commission of Week 27 which enlists a report on India under the caption:

Military Governance in Indian-administered Kashmir:

(AHRC FORWARDED STATEMENT) From International People's Tribunal on Human rights and Justice in Indian-Administered Kashmir (IPTK):

The full text can be seen on the link: http://newsletters.ahrchk.net/digest/index.php?a=sn&id=712

Having perused the entire report, I am saddened to observe that the partitioned and factionalised fractured role played by AHRC is heavily biased and politically motivated. It is unfortunate that AHRC goes out of the way to comment on President George Bush and Canadian Government but they have deliberately kept silent on the role of Pakistani establishment and the Islamofascism of the various well known Islamic terrorist gangs in the nearby “Epicentre of Terrorism”

They have been pathetically insensitive to the cause of “Human Rights” of the Indian Security Forces who are being killed by these so called non-state actors in Pakistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). Pakistan greedily invaded the then Kashmir State on 20th October 1947 and forcefully grabbed the current PoK and the other related areas. Millions were butchered by the Jinnah’s instigation. All that part belongs to India.

How can AHRC ignore these historical blunders while making such tall claims and construing this conspiracy against the legal and genuine law abiding machinery of Indian Union under the direct supervision of the Kashmir State Government.

It mentions, “Indian-administered Kashmir is not a "problem" but a conflict zone”. Frankly speaking I am tempted to ask, “Is this in their purview to comment politically and does it form a part of their assumed role in the name of “Human Rights”? Consider the yet another excerpt:

“India's militarization is aimed at territorial control of Kashmir, and control over key economic and environmental resources in the region, including those of the Siachen glacier. The Government of Kashmir is unable to prevail politically or exercise control over the Indian Armed Forces (A complete non-sense). India's political dominance hinges on its ability to possess Kashmir. Institutions of democracy -- the judiciary, educational institutions, media -- are neutralized by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir and the Indian Armed Forces as they function in tandem, continuing "military governance." State violence seeks to undermine people's capacity to resist and solicits collaborators.”

I think it is clearly over stepping and over stretching the jurisdiction if we peruse the Universal Declaration of Human Rights declared on 18th December 1948, available on:


While the AHRC makes such a strong case and observation against the Indian legitimate authority and they have deliberately kept silent on the Islamic contributory factor infecting from across the border.

Why did they forget the clandestine interception of calls from across the PoK revealed startlingly by the same Indian Armed Forces revealing a open hand of these Islamic juntas from the PoK guiding and asking the developments of the killings and violence? Is AHRC not aware of this conspiracy enacted by Pakistan Military and Intelligence Services?

Please peruse the link:



“The role of the hardline faction of the Hurriyat has been exposed. TIMES NOW has acquired transcripts of a conversation between Hurriyat Geelani faction leader and his paid activist. The conversation very clearly exposes how the hardline separatists are trying their best to instigate violence during the protests. The Hurriyat Geelani faction leader is heard instigating his activist to ensure that at least 10-15 people are martyred.”

Following this several arrests of the aide of SAS Geelani has been made by the Kashmir Government. AHRC need to do her home work.

Please also peruse the link where how the Islamic militants are lambasting the security forces: http://www.international.to/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=352:islamabad-muridke-bahawalpur-to-kashmir-srinagar&catid=50:dr-om-prakash-sudrania&Itemid=78

KashmirThey were clearly instigating the security forces to kill more people (10-15 people to be killed deliberately to be precise) so that they could then make even stronger case of Human Rights violation. Could AHRC be forgiven for her gross neglect and dereliction of impartial role?

Let us not forget that the legitimate Security Forces are answerable but the proxy warriors are not. The danger posed by the hardline Islamised militants is far more grievous and a serious nature of Human Rights violation. After all security forces are also “Human” beings. Then what should we call the ongoing war in Afghanistan?

For a common man, when the AHRC states that Indian-administered Kashmir is not a "problem" but a conflict zone. Respectfully it is a jugglery of words played to diverge the attention from the real problem of Islamofascism and the AHRC can not abdicate its responsibility from the underlying Islamic cause.

Before commenting on George Bush and Canadian Government relationships, AHRC should have peeped into the close neighbourhood in the muddy territory of Pakistan and PoK; where there are no Human Rights of any denomination. Both are intricately interwoven.

In this report, which is heavily biased, partitioned and ill-timed, AHRC has clearly made out an anti-India stance to scuttle the genuine efforts of India when the Indian Foreign Minister is now in Islamabad to promote the confidence building measures with the hostile neighbour. The AHRC should have kept itself away from this highly sensitive and an ongoing CBM process between India and Pakistan.

Presumably AHRC does not want the peace seen in this subcontinent, nay the whole world. We must not forget that the majority of global transnational terrorism is inspired by the radicalised fanatic Islamic militants. Kashmir is a burning example to this glaring Islamic orchestrated bonfire.

Let us peruse the latest developments in the PoK on this link: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5iT_K8Fq4Uw8l72MfuAqOV8dKGDNQD9GU98EO0

This article on the situation clearly indicts the “hand-in-glove” relationship between the Pakistani official machinery and their nexus with these banned Islamic bands. The article appears under the caption as follows:

Pakistani official vows to fight India for Kashmir

By ROSHAN MUGHAL (AP) – 17 hours ago

MUZAFFARABAD, Pakistan — The top official in Pakistan-held Kashmir vowed Tuesday to fight India for control of the disputed territory in a speech to thousands of people assembled by a coalition of banned militant groups.

The provocative comments by Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan come amid the worst unrest in years in India-held Kashmir, which like Pakistan is majority Muslim. Residents have often chafed against rule by majority Hindu India.

Khan's comments also come a day before India is scheduled to make its highest level visit to Pakistan since militants linked to Pakistan killed 166 people in Mumbai in 2008. The talks are meant to reduce tension between the two countries, but Khan's comments could do the opposite.

"Let me assure you that every home in Kashmir will become a bunker against India," Khan told the crowd in the capital of Pakistan-held Kashmir, Muzaffarabad.

"Azad Kashmir will become a base for the independence movement," he said ...”

The rally was organized by the United Jihad Council, a coalition of 12 anti-India militant groups. Many of the groups — including Lashkar-e-Taiba, which India blames for the Mumbai attacks — were started with the support of the Pakistani government in the 1980s and 1990s to fight India for control of Kashmir.

Pakistan banned the groups several years ago following pressure from the U.S but they have never been restricted to operate freely. Should the AHRC not be concerned with these developments in our neighbourhood which is the real cause for the purported violation of Human Rights? United Jihad Council (UJC) is a conglomeration of the internationally banned Islamic militants including the UN/US.

The above post also states, “"Holy war (read jihad) is the only solution to our problem," said Syed Salahuddin, the head of Hizbul Mujahideen, which helped organize Tuesday's rally. "It is mandatory for every child in every street to wage war against India to bring it down to its knees."

Salahuddin rejected upcoming talks this week between the foreign ministers of Pakistan and India, saying they "are like sprinkling salt on the wounds of the Kashmiri people."

Salahuddin is also the Amir (Head) of the UJC. The whole unrest in Kashmir starting from 11th June has been masterminded by this Islamic militant operating with impunity under the clandestine patronage of ISI.

Khan rants as usual of blame game on India.

To understand the beginning of the current turmoil on/from 11th June 2010, let us see what others have to say. On exploring the following link:


The caption runs:

“Kashmir violence a Jihadi ploy to tarnish India’s security forces”

We find that the separatists have planned a reason starting as a so called peaceful procession to lead to the capricious vicious sinister goal.

“What happened in Kashmir? How the violence broke out? For that, we have to recapitulate a demonstration took place on June 11 in Srinagar. On this day, a group of separatists organized an anti-India demonstration (instigation terrorism) in Srinagar. The separatists were shouting anti-India slogans also. In order to curb the anti-national protest, CRPF and police had to act. Unfortunately, a 17- year old student Tufail Matoo died after hit by a teargas shell by the police.

After this, the terrorist outfits had conspired to exploit this tragedy against the security forces deployed in the valley. This resulted in the death of another 20-year-old youth Bilal Ahmed allegedly by the CRPF on last Sunday.

Both these killings are unintentional. However, the terror outfits came to action there and practiced their old tactic, the protesters turned the funeral procession of those boys into a big protest against the security forces.”

Another view of Government of India on this issue can be perused on the following news by NDTV.

In a stern message on Tuesday, Omar Abdullah said though security forces have been directed to maintain utmost restraint, they will have to enforce curfew strictly. (Read: Forces will show restraint, but curfew will be imposed: Omar)
Omar Abdullah
Read more at: http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/centre-accuses-lashkar-e-toiba-stoking-fire-in-kashmir-34810?cp

Surely the AHRC could have been a little more sensitive, more within her jurisdiction, more responsible, more answerable, more transparent, more accountable, more humane, more empathetic, lest it loose its very significance as an impartial universal watchdog.

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Dr. Om Prakash Sudrania(Dr. O. P. Sudrania is a senior retired teacher in surgery and a medico-legal counsellor; now also engaged in research of socio-political analytical science as a part of service to humanity.)